TONSTURM 03 | The Whoosh

This soundpack features a huge variety of pass by and whoosh effect recordings which were captured during extensive recording sessions in the field and in a wooden orchestra hall. All sounds were recorded, edited and mastered in High Definition Audio @ 24 Bit, 192 KHz.

TONSTURM 03 I The Whoosh

With TONSTURM 03 | The Whoosh you get 160 soundfiles containing 1030 sounds. 2.69 GB of Data (@192 kHz).
Check this link for PDF file listing or check here for XLS file listing

For The Whoosh we did quiet some research. Again we wanted to come up with fresh and unique sound effects so we tested all kinds of things and build our own custom made whoosh devices.

We build a wooden bullroarer with three thick rubber bands which is emitting very cool deep and droning sounds. We also took big plastic pipes which we prepared in a special way so that we got these nice howling pass by sound effects.
Furthermore we recorded the sounds of arrows passing by and curly steel shreds fired by a slingshot. These arrows were prepared with different kinds of whistles, fluttering magnetic tape and burning cloth. We also build a big fireball with which we performed huge fire whoosh effects.
Again we recorded the sounds at different locations and some devices were recorded in the field and in this very nice sounding wooden orchestra hall.
Certain devices like our custom bullroarer had a really thick pleasing sound when recorded in this orchestra hall. Something that you can not reproduce with a plugin reverb!

TONSTURM The Whoosh offers very unique and high quality source material to design the coolest sounding whoosh and pass by sound effects. Also listening to these 192 kHz recordings at lower pitches reveals a beauty of its own!

Recording Equipment:
2 x Sound Devices 702
Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination
Sennheiser MKH60, MKH40, MKH30 Combination

Important: Before you buy you should know that the sounds sold through this website are meant for single user license only. If you need a multi user license please contact us.

192 kHz Resolution / Price: $ 84 US
24 Bit 192 kHz / 160 Files, 1030 Sounds / 2,6 GB when unrar´d

96 kHz Resolution / Price: $ 69 US
24 Bit 96 kHz / 160 Files, 1030 Sounds / 1,34 GB when unrar´d

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All sounds are royalty free. Before downloading please check here for the full legal license.

Check this link for PDF file listing or check here for XLS file listing!

All wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in
Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

All recordings are available as original MS and allready decoded MS to LR versions!

For clarification:
After proceding the purchase you will be provided with the following download links:

For the 192 kHz Resoloution Pack:
Each rar file contains a single Folder.
TONSTURM_03_The_Whoosh_MS_192kHz (1,16 GB rar´d)
TONSTURM_03_The_Whoosh_Decoded_MS_to_LR_192kHz (1,19 GB rar´d)

For the 96 kHz Resoloution Pack:
Each rar file contains a single Folder.
TONSTURM_03_The_Whoosh_MS_96kHz (588MB rar´d)
TONSTURM_03_The_Whoosh_Decoded_MS_to_LR_96kHz (619,2MB rar´d)