TONSTURM 02 | Electricity

This soundpack is all about high voltage. We risked our lives to serve you highly unique and exciting electricity sound effects. All sounds are recorded, edited and mastered in High Definition Audio @ 24 Bit, 192 KHz.

TONSTURM 02 I Electricity

TONSTURM 02 | Electricity you get 221 soundfiles containing 4.89 GB (@192 kHz) of electricity sound effects. (Check this link for xls file listing.)

The recordings for this soundpack took place at three different locations. One part of the soundpack features good old arc welding. We had a couple of extensive free field welding sessions where we performed on different kinds of metal and used mixed types of welding rods. Really cool, rich and almost rhythmical sound effects derive from this session.

The main part of this soundpack is the result of an extra long and challenging session we planned together with Stefan Reißig. Through him we were able to record climbing arcs from a jacob´s ladder, manually pulled arcs with a stick, electrical discharges around a glass plate, capacitor discharges and electrified objects like wood branches, apples and bones. The special thing about this Jacob´s Ladder is that it can be modulated in speed. This produced very extreme and expressive sounds. Stefan studied electrical engineering and collects all this crazy high voltage equipment. Big credit goes to him and be sure to check out his youtube channel
Teslalabor, where he posts all his crazy experiments!

Our third session took place at the university of applied science in cologne. Here at the institute for energy management we were able to pick up an other awesome sounding jacob´s ladder, a huge marx generator and big sounds of electrical discharges.

Recording Equipment:
2 x Sound Devices 702
Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination
Sennheiser MKH70, MKH30 Combination

192 kHz Resolution / Price: 84 $
24 Bit 192kHz / 221 Sounds / 4.89GB when unrar´d

96 kHz Resolution / Price: 69 $
24 Bit 96kHz / 221 Sounds / 2,33GB when unrar´d

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check this link for xls file listing!
All wav sounds are thoughtfully tagged with metadata ready for use in
Soundminer, Protools, Basehead and many more!

All recordings are available as original MS and allready decoded MS to LR versions!

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For the 192 kHz Resoloution Pack:
Each rar file contains a single Folder.

TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_192kHz_Part_1_of_4(565.87 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_192kHz_Part_2_of_4(915.12 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_192kHz_Part_3_of_4(852.59 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_192kHz_Part_4_of_4(710.6 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_Decoded_MS_to_LR_192kHz_Part_1_of_4(584.12 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_Decoded_MS_to_LR_192kHz_Part_2_of_4(951.61 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_Decoded_MS_to_LR_192kHz_Part_3_of_4(892.38 MB)

For the 96 kHz Resoloution Pack:
Each rar file contains a single Folder.
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_96kHz_Part_1_of_2 (763.39 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_MS_96kHz_Part_2_of_2 (811.88 MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_Decoded_MS_to_LR_96kHz_Part_1_of_2 (806.09MB)
TONSTURM_02_Electricity_Decoded_MS_to_LR_96kHz_Part_2_of_2 (852.86MB)